allelic genes

allelic genes
аллельные гены

English-Russian Biotechnology Glossary. . 2007.

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  • Allelic exclusion — Humans and many other organisms are diploid , i.e. they have two copies of each chromosome (one inherited from each parent) in all their somatic cells. Both chromosomes within the pair contain essentially the same genes, but these genes may… …   Wikipedia

  • allelic exclusion — The process whereby one or more loci on one of the chromosome sets in a diploid cell is inactivated (or destroyed) so that the locus or loci is (are) not expressed in that cell or a clone founded by it. For example in mammals one of the X… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • allelic — adj. (Genetics) of an allele (one of several genes responsible for hereditary variation) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • additive genes — Genes whose net effect is the sum of their individual allelic effects, i.e. they show neither dominance nor epistasis …   Glossary of Biotechnology

  • Non allelic homologous recombination — (NAHR) is a form of homologous recombination that occurs between two lengths of DNA that have high sequence homology, but are not alleles.[1][2] It usually occurs between sequences of DNA that have been previously duplicated through evolution,… …   Wikipedia

  • heredity — /heuh red i tee/, n., pl. heredities. Biol. 1. the transmission of genetic characters from parents to offspring: it is dependent upon the segregation and recombination of genes during meiosis and fertilization and results in the genesis of a new… …   Universalium

  • segregation — 1. Removal of certain parts from a mass, e.g., those with infectious diseases. 2. Separation of contrasting characters in the offspring of heterozygotes. 3. Separation of the paired state of genes, which occurs at the reduction division of… …   Medical dictionary

  • MNSs blood group — See Blood Groups appendix. * * * a complex blood group system consisting principally of two pairs of antigens determined by closely linked genes (crossovers have been observed, but rarely). M and N, determined by allelic genes, depend on sialic… …   Medical dictionary

  • геномная библиотека банк генов — геномная библиотека, банк генов * геномная бібліятэка, банк генаў * genomic library or gene bank набор клонированных фрагментов ДНК, представляющих индивидуальный (групповой, видовой) геном. У млекопитающих (в т. ч. человека) геномы крупные,… …   Генетика. Энциклопедический словарь

  • Blood group — An inherited feature on the surface of the red blood cells. A series of related blood types constitute a blood group system such as the Rh or the ABO system. The frequencies of the ABO and Rh blood types vary from population to population. In the …   Medical dictionary

  • haplotype — 1. The genetic constitution of an individual with respect to one member of a pair of allelic genes; individuals are of the same h. (but of different genotypes) if alike with respect to one allele of a pair but different with respect to the other… …   Medical dictionary

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